Thursday, October 08, 2015

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Welcome to Adelaide's most comprehensive personal transport provider.  Here you will find the solution to your travel requirements, and will be surprised by the huge range of options for all occasions.

This site has been built with you, the customer, in mind.  So now that you are here, we want you to get all the info you need to make your next trip or event a complete success.  As you will see, Adelaide Impressions is your one stop shop for all your personal transport needs, from a ride to work right through to that most important day of your life.
To navigate this site, use the navigation tabs on the left hand side.  Hover your mouse pointer over a tab, and more options appear.  Select a page to view by clicking on the tab or the options.  
Throughout the site various links are embedded in text.  They stand out as they are underlined, and turn red when you hover the mouse pointer over them.  Click to go to a page with more info on that subject.
The majority of the pictures on this site are also links to relevant pages, just like the embeded text above.  If you hover over a picture, including the ever changing banner at the top of each page*, and your mouse pointer changes to a little hand, then you can click on that picture to go to a related page.  Little "tool tips" also pop up from time to time to assist in navigation.
While this site is not fully optimised for iPhone and iPad (no mouse, thus no "hover"), it has been constructed with those devices in mind.  For example to call us from an iPhone, simply click on any phone number on the site.
We welcome all feedback about our site and about any aspect of our service.  Please email us at any time.

Happy surfing, happy travels from the customer service team at your favourite transport provider!

For full details on features, availability and pricing for all vehicles please contact us via your preferred method.

All bookings are accepted subject to our standard policies, terms and conditions available by clicking on this link.

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