Charging and Pricing

All of our services are charged either depending on the distance traveled (transfer) or the length of time a vehicle is booked for (hourly).  The actual rate is calculated electronically and is further dependent on the type of vehicle you require and the suburbs you are traveling to and from.  While in the vast majority of cases we are able to provide you with a fixed price quote for your particular journey, there are instances where the actual cost to you will vary.  Some examples of such variations include stops at your request, waiting time and a change in the number of passengers or the amount of luggage you intend to carry in a vehicle.  Another is the $2 toll levied by the Adelaide Airport.


All reservations for a transfer include 5 minutes' grace, after which a waiting time charge applies.  The exact amount varies with the type of vehicle you have requested.  For example with a booking at 0800am from your home to the airport, we expect to move off from your place within 5 minutes of that booked time.  From 0805 onward a waiting time charge will accrue, calculated in 5 minute increments.


Again for transfer reservations, extra stops or pick-ups en route attract a similar charge, and include that same 5 minutes' grace for your convenience.  For hourly reservations, the locations and stops have no bearing on the price.  If you have pre-paid for a service for a particular time frame or distance, and that time or distance is exceeded, the driver will ask for payment of the extra service provided.


Please be aware that while we love catering for your every need, not all requests for extensions to the driver in the car can be accommodated, as that vehicle may already be scheduled for another booking.


For your convenience all of our vehicles accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, and Cabcharge.
Our office also accepts pre-payments using all major credit cards with no merchant fee. Please note that an Australia wide 5% in-car merchant fee applies when paying in the vehicle, this can be avoided by pre-paying through our office.


You are encouraged to contact us for a quote prior to travelling, or to clarify the cost charged after the event for any of our services.  Upon request all drivers are able to issue a receipt/tax invoice for cash or credit card payments made in the vehicle.



Soiling Charges


If you or your guests render a vehicle dirty, the driver may ask for a soiling fee.  This charge will generally be $100, but can be more if the vehicle is likely to be out of commission for a considerable time.  Similarly Adelaide Impressions may contact you to recover any cost for commercial cleaning or repairs in case of damage to a vehicle caused by you or one of your guests.




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